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Estate Planning Solutions for Families

This powerful new workshop by Terrie & Jon Hull will teach you step by step the family side of putting your affairs in order before seeing an estate lawyer. Terrie & Jon share their experience, stories of those who didn’t plan, and exactly what information, tips and tools are needed for your peace of mind.

Course sessions include:

  • *Your legal rights
  • *Family dynamics
  • *Organizing Personal Info
  • *Organizing personal representative info
  • *Choosing a great estate lawyer
  • *Securing your info
  • *Protecting digital assets
  • *Protecting your business

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The following is an excerpt from Terrie and Jon Hull's book A Legacy Undone.

The gravity of Billy’s influence, not only on my Mother, but on law enforcement and legal professionals, was mind-blowing. My first realization of this came when I called my Mom’s cell phone because I needed to have her sign some papers for the long-term care insurance company. A police officer answered her phone. read more

An extraordinary true life experience

Estate Planning Solutions for Families is crucial and in this book, A Legacy Undone, you will learn:


  • *How important having an estate plan can be
  • *How to put your affairs in order
  • *What can happen when local government and professional agencies become involved with your family
  • *How everything can change in a moment
  • *How Terrie & Jon worked through the decisions they were forced to make
  • *Insights into the American justice system
  • *Tips for looking at your own family’s long term plans


  • “All I could think about was the conversation that needed to follow with my own mother to protect her, to soothe my fears, and to ensure that the bond we have created will never be broken. Careful preparation before it’s too late is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves, and our loved ones”                       Erin Donley, Portland, OR

  • “After reading A Legacy Undone, it made me realize how important it is to get your affairs in order. You can’t assume anything!” Ellen Love, Gresham, OR

  • “The ability to come forth with such sensitive subjects has made me more aware and conscious of our life choices for our new growing family. This book will keep your attention from beginning to end and leave you with a lot to ponder.” Leana Nielsen, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • “What a gripping journey as a close family is changed forever by a tragic event and the predators that were waiting in the shadows. A real eye to the necessity of getting your affairs in order….now!” – Jennifer Witherspoon, Richland, WA

  • “This four-alarm book is a heart-wrenching illustration of the devastation that a firestorm of head injury, deceit and elder abuse can have on honest, caring, organized people. If you have not done the important preparation of putting ALL your affairs in order because you have not felt “the urgency”, this page-turner of a book will change you mind and heart now”.  – Georgena Eggleston, Portland, OR

  • “Jon and Terrie have the answers to questions you may not think to ask. A Legacy Undone reminds us that the unforeseen tragedies of life don’t just happen to other people, they can happen to you. It stresses the point that you may not have too many tomorrow’s left to protect your family and what you’ve built for them, take those steps now before it’s too late”.  Jaclyn Nix, Las Vegas, NV

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