Cybersecurity Experts Hack and Take Control of SUV

By: Jon Hull, Author / Life & Legacy Documentation Expert / Speaker
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As seen today on CBS This Morning, cybersecurity experts were able to hack in to the on-board computer of a new Jeep Cherokee. These experts were able to gain complete control of all systems in the vehicle. Systems like braking, accelerator, locks and even the windshield washers! The driver was helpless as this was happening.

The report stated that there are about 471,000 vehicles of differing models on the road today, which are vulnerable to this hack. The problem came to the attention of Senators earlier this year, but has not been fixed as of yet.

Once again, rather than give consumers a vehicle that is safe, the automotive industry is so preoccupied with innovation and profits, that they just throw them on the market seemingly without considering the lives of the American families who purchase their product.

Does your spouse drive one of these? How about your children? If their vehicle was hacked while driving and subsequently wrecked by the hack, would it be possible for the car company to determine if this was a hack job, and would they confess even if they knew?

How are we, as consumers, to know about such things? My Dodge was identified to have the defective airbags, which have been killing people, and I have yet to receive notification from the factory of this fact after more than a year since it was identified.

One suggestion on how to be better secured is to not buy a new vehicle. Purchase a year old model, which by then has had problematic or deadly issues identified…..hopefully.

(Jon Hull is Co-Author of the book, A Legacy Undone. He writes about items to keep us safe and to protect our family and money. You can read more articles by Jon at)



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    Andy Greenberg was driving his car in St. Louis when he lost control of his vehicle. The air conditioning, the radio and windshield wipers all suddenly turned on, then the engine cut off. Greenberg tried to take back control of the car, but he couldn’t. It had been hacked.


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