As a follow up to our June 29th article; “The Most Timely Conversation for Parents & Newlyweds” Our friend and a life insurance representative Amy Regenstreif, wrote this guest post for the perspective of those who do not have life insurance.

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Why Should I Own Life Insurance Forever?

By: Amy Regenstreif, LTCP/CLTC/ Patient Advocate / Rare Cancer Survivor / Life Insurance Agent / Long Term Care Insurance Professional

As a Life Insurance Agent, one of my mentors told me that I would discover the importance of my work the day I delivered a check to a family. And that would be true. And then I think of the checks I can not deliver because they had no life insurance.

I can not deliver a check to the 80 year old woman who lost her husband. She had $400,000 in medical debt and now lives on just her social security.

I can not deliver a check to my friend in her 30’s whose husband had a heart attack on a tennis court and died. He left her with 2 young kids, a house, and much financial responsibility.

I can not deliver a check to the dad whose wife passed away from breast cancer and all he wants to do is stay at home with his kids for a year before he returns to work. He did not understand the monetary value of his stay at home wife. He does now, wanting to be a stay at home dad for a year….and then some.

What is the value of your lives and those around you both monetarily and emotionally should a death occur in your family?

This is the true meaning of life insurance. Sit down with an experienced professional and learn what your options are today. Then no matter what, you can really rest in peace knowing that those around you are cared for should you pass away unexpectedly or of old age.

‘Amy Regenstreif has had an insurance practice for over 11 years in Southern California with New York Life Insurance Company. Her specialties are life and long term care insurance. She is also a professional patient advocate for those not able to understand and navigate their healthcare issues.
Amy has had a rare stage 4 cancer for over 10 years and her journey is amazing regarding how she has learned to live her life in the face of cancer everyday. She has had 20 surgeries, chemo many times and much other stuff. Amy wants to share with you how to open your life to the possibilities in love, family and business in the face of chronic illness.
Amy has spoken for the Motion Picture Health & Retirement Fund, The Editors Guild, the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging,, and many other groups on the need to be an advocate for life in the areas of healthcare and money. She loves stand up comedy as well.
Amy has twin daughters 25 year old, and has been a single parent for many years. She resides in Southern California. She is the expert when your healthcare becomes your new job.
Treat your healthcare like a business. Amy can be contacted at 818-406-9228.’


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