The following is an excerpt from Terrie and Jon Hull's book A Legacy Undone.

The gravity of Billy’s influence, not only on my Mother, but on law enforcement and legal professionals, was mind-blowing. My first realization of this came when I called my Mom’s cell phone because I needed to have her sign some papers for the long-term care insurance company. A police officer answered her phone.

She identified herself as Officer Powers. She said that there was a situation at Mom’s house and that Mom was accusing me of stealing large amounts of money from her. I was horrified, and terrified! She said Mom didn’t want to talk to me and that Billy was there taking care of her. The officer said that if I’d been doing my responsibility while I was taking care of my mother’s finances, I’d have an accounting of all of the monies. She wanted the ledger I’d been keeping. She told me I wouldn’t have to worry about anything if I gave it to her, that it would prove my innocence. We made arrangements that I would give it to her the next week. I hung up in disbelief; I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. My own Mother was accusing me of stealing from her!

I talked to the officer again one more time before hiring an attorney. I explained to her that I was worried about Billy’s influence over my mother. I thought that he was involved in this somehow. But the officer said that she thought that they were a cute, doting couple and very sweet. She said that this was just like one of her nephews who was taking money from some relative and the other family members didn’t like it, but there was nothing they could do. I told her it was nothing like that at all.

An extraordinary true life experience

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