Shakeout Drill: Many Oregon Residents Misinformed

By: Jon Hull, October 15, 2015

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Today at 10:15 PST, the Great Shakeout Drill occurred. The main message: Drop, Cover, Hold on!
These are great directions to survive the initial quake, but then what?

I decided to check with my local city’s emergency management website for additional instructions they are communicating to their citizens, the results were appalling.

We live on the border between Gresham, OR and Portland, OR. and are considered to be Gresham residents just to the east of Portland. Gresham is the fourth largest city in Oregon. Upon checking with the Gresham Emergency Management website, I found that they are not up to speed with what will happen in case of the 9+ megathrust earthquake predicted for the Pacific Northwest. This is the earthquake predicted by experts to be the worst natural disaster in American history.

The Gresham website (link) says that we might be hit by an 8.9 quake like Japan. Actually, we are expecting a 9+ megathrust quake, much larger than Japan as earthquake measurements go.

The website says to drop, cover and hold on for 60 seconds. Actually, the quake predicted could last 6 minutes.

The website says to have emergency supplies for at least 3 days. Actually, the State of Oregon says that major utilities including electricity and water will most likely be out for 2 weeks.

So, apparently the citizens of Gresham, OR, will be woefully unprepared for surviving a post -quake world. Why is that!?

There is no good reason that I can think of or find. It appears to be another example of the system designed to save you being inferior, even though we pay tax money to have the experts design systems to save us.

What many fail to understand is that instructions like the ones given in Gresham will only cause panic and Marshall Law. What happens after our 3 days of water runs out and the stores don’t have any because of the people who didn’t prepare make a run on the stores. What happens when that family of 4 can’t drink or bathe? The answer is simple, chaos!

Residents of Oregon heed the call and prepare for the worst case scenario. It is not difficult to stock up on 2 weeks’ worth of water and all of the other necessities. In fact it’s pretty inexpensive. Once a quake hits, it’s too late. Do you think your neighbors will give you their water? Possibly, but many neighbors will also meet you at the door with a gun telling you to go away. You do not want to find yourself under prepared.

As citizens, we expect to be told the truth about such things. Yet, we continue to be underserved by a system of government which chooses to indicate by their words and actions that you don’t matter.

Prepare yourself and your family. Do you know the truth? Find out. Do you have children in school? What’s the schools plan for such devastation? Do you have earthquake insurance? What is the protocol for filing a claim when there is no power for 2 weeks? Can you text in a claim? Talk with your insurance agent about this before the big one hits. First come, first served.

When it comes to any emergency, you will be on your own for some amount of time. When it comes to our local governments telling us the truth, don’t count on it.

(Jon Hull is co-Author of the book, A Legacy Undone. He is passionate about teaching people how to put their affairs in order, but also writes on protecting finances and personal well-being issues. To read more, visit


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